5 Tips To Follow When Setting Up A Facebook Page

Facebook…The Addiction Of Everyday Life!

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. Almost everyone has jumped on the bandwagon including myself of course, and created a page whether its for personal use or for business purposes. Either way its the one thing you are guaranteed to use at least once a day, whether its on your mobile, laptop or other device, it is sure to distract you in one way or another!

With almost every organisation using Facebook today, it is really important to stand out and be noticed.

Here are 5 top tips to help you create and/or make your Facebook page more successful.


My Top Tips For Facebook

1. Customise Your URL:
Create a unique URL to help you promote your page across other social media outlets. Make sure your URL is creative and catchy using a good description without making it too complicated.

2. Make Sure Your Page Layout Fits:
 Profile pictures, cover photos, and personal information must be fitted well. This is vital to create a good first impression. Profile and cover pictures must be eye catching and appealing whilst keeping it relevant to your business. Customers need to know who you are and what your about in one glance. Pictures must be fitted perfectly to ensure the image can be seen properly by the viewers.

3. Be Creative:
This is the most important aspect of your Facebook page. Do you want to be lost amongst the crowd? No?.. Then be brave and get your creative juices flowing! Use tools such as games, competitions, viral videos, and especially interaction and engagement with prospective customers. Check out this article giving more tips for you to get creative.

4. Always Have Multiple Administrators:
In the event that someone cannot access the page it is important to have a back up. Or in the unlikely case of a hostile employee dismissal or resignation whereby the employee is the only administrator this could cause a bit of controversy. To avoid this situation always have more than one administrator for your page.

5. Ensure Your Page Is A “Like” Page:
Make sure it is not a page that you have to send a friend request to because this will lead to confusion and people are less likely to engage with your business. The effort of just simply clicking to request as a friend is a major turn off for customers.

Hopefully these tips will guide you in the right direction.

Thanks for popping by 🙂